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Domestic abuse is an issue that not only affects the victim but also others in the surrounding. In order to properly solve the issue, the entire community must be involved. Domestic violence is the abuse that takes place within a family or close relatives. It can be committed by a spouse, partner, parent, or other family member and can take the form of physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse. In India, domestic violence is a widespread issue that many women suffer from, in silence as a result of societal expectations and cultural beliefs. Despite efforts to combat this issue, many women continue to suffer physical, emotional, and financial abuse at the hands of their partners or family members. In response to this problem, the Indian government passed the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act in 2005, which provides legal protections and remedies for women who are victims of domestic violence. While to deal with domestic violence cases you have to connect with the best domestic violence lawyer.  The matrimonial lawyer firm organized by Advocate Aman Chawla, is the best domestic violence lawyer in Delhi, who can easily manage with the help of the court.

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of addressing domestic violence, as it helps to provide financial support to victims who may have been financially dependent on their abusers. Section 20 of the Act deals with the topic of maintenance for women who have experienced domestic abuse, is one of its most important clauses. A woman who has experienced domestic abuse from her spouse or other family members is allowed to make a complaint under this clause in order to get financial support for her maintenance and other costs.  Under Section 20, a victim of domestic violence can approach the Magistrate and request maintenance from the perpetrator with the help of domestic violence lawyer in Delhi. The Magistrate order the abuser to pay for the victim's fees for medical care or other costs associated with the domestic violence, as well as to provide financial assistance to the victim and any victim's children.

Domestic Violence and Maintenance under Section 20 of the Act

There is a lot of cases regarding domestic violence are emerging while we help all those who need legal support for domestic violence cases. There are many different types of domestic violence, including abuse of the body, of the sex, of the mind, and of the wallet. Domestic violence victims frequently experience financial dependency on their abusers, which can make it challenging for them to escape the abusive situation. A woman who has experienced domestic violence may submit a complaint under Section 20 of the Act asking her abuser for maintenance and other costs with our help because we have the best domestic violence lawyer in Delhi, who will help to find out the legal assistance regarding violence. The woman has the right to ask for maintenance for both her and any children she might have with the abuser. The maintenance can cover costs for lodging, clothes, and food as well as for critical needs like medical care. We help lady to register a complaint under Section 20. The Protection Officer will help the woman file the complaint under the best domestic violence lawyer in Delhi. Depending on the jurisdiction, either a Magistrate's Court or a District Court may receive the complaint. The court will then issue a notice to the abuser, and a hearing will be held to determine the amount of maintenance to be awarded.

Role of Domestic Violence Lawyers in Seeking Legal Remedies

Domestic violence lawyers play a crucial role in helping women who are victims of domestic violence to seek legal remedies. The matrimonial lawyer firm has the best domestic violence lawyers who are trained to provide legal assistance and support to women who are facing domestic violence, and can help them navigate the legal system to seek justice. Aman Chawla is the best domestic violence lawyer in Delhi, who has helped numerous women to seek legal remedies for domestic violence. He has extensive experience in handling domestic violence cases, and has a deep understanding of the legal provisions and remedies available to women under the Act.  We believe that domestic violence is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach to address. According to us, legal remedies are just one aspect of the solution, and it is important to also address the root causes of domestic violence, such as gender inequality, social norms, and cultural attitudes.


Maintenance under Section 20 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 is an important provision that helps to provide financial support to victims of domestic violence. This provision recognizes the financial dependency of victims on their abusers and ensures that victims are not left without financial support. While it is important for victims of domestic violence to seek legal help from a qualified domestic violence lawyer who can guide you through the legal process of claiming maintenance under Section 20. Advocate Aman Chawla, a domestic violence lawyer in Delhi, is one the best lawyer who has extensive experience in handling domestic violence cases and providing legal assistance to victims.

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